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Rest to Reset

Usually 1st & 3rd Thursday of each month

*Please note in April there is only ONE Rest to Reset online gathering*

April 2021 Rest to Reset sessions are:

Thursday 15th April 2021

8.15pm-9pm (UK time)

Online via ZOOM

In honour of Stress Awareness Month during April, this months Rest to Reset aims to support you access a deep sense of inner stillness and calm, helping you cope with the stresses you face in your day to day life. It's a chance for you to welcome space to simply be, just as you are. A space for you to breathe and to be present, with no expectations so that you can feel a deep peace of mind.

The session will offer you a chance to balance everything; to have a rest from all the external noise so that you feel renewed, recharged and deeply rested. Imagine it to be like a Spring Clean for the body and mind - clearing out all the clutter to make way for the new.

During our time together I will share:

- a simple breath technique specifically to help you relieve stress

- a carefully curated soothing and nurturing Yoga Nidra practice to tap into the expansiveness of the Spring season, and

- an inspiring reading - all with the aim of helping you to tune into your inner guidance, whilst sneaking in a little extra self love, kindness and care.

You willI experience deep relaxation so that you can build up your energy reserves, whilst in the process having space to deal with any lingering emotions and enhance your body's natural resiliency for dealing with stress, change and transition. Sounds amazing, right!

Yoga Nidra is a guided sleep meditation, where you hover in the state between sleep and wakefulness. It is incredibly transformative, healing and restful and will support your nervous system as well as boost your immune system - helping you to feel restored, revitalised and a little lighter in spirit. There is nothing to do…simply resting back into your Nidra Nest of comfort and listen as you are guided to a place of deep rest and regeneration.

I can't wait to share this online circle of rest with you. It's OK to give yourself permission to go slowly.


Tickets are £7 per individual or £9 per household (if there is more than 1 person attending)

If your contact email address is different to your Paypal email, please ensure you write your correct email in the notes box upon booking your ticket - as I will be sending out the event link to the email you booked with via Paypal, unless you specify otherwise in the notes.

Please note you will not receive a separate confirmation upon booking, your Paypal payment confirms your place. I will send out the event link and preparation email to all who have booked on the morning of the session. Please also note the deadline for booking this session is 4pm on the day of each event.


Sara's Yoga Nidra sessions are amazing. She has such a soothing voice, it is very easy to quickly relax and find your inner 'home'. Along with all the energy, emotion and empathy Saras clearly invests in every one of her sessions, there is really nowhere else you want to be in that moment. Life can sometimes drag me away from regular Yoga Nidra sessions, and when I return I wonder why I let it.

"I cannot explain how calm and relaxed I feel after Sara's Yoga Nidra sessions. It is incredible! Sara has a very calming voiced and manner and the whole experience is just so lovely. I've been telling everyone to join, especially inn these crazy times we live in. It's like a giant, magic reset button. Thank you Sara."

I felt really relaxed and sleepy afterwards and I got off to sleep much more quickly than I usually would. Today I don't feel so concerned about things that have been troubling me. The Yoga Nidra really did help me. Thank you Sara.

It was like an invitation to fully let myself go and rest as deeply as I wanted -which I did. I felt extremely relaxed afterwards (like a bear after hibernation).

Thank you so much. After a really tough day, it has helped me switch off. I love your Yoga Nidra. A little Oasis of calm in the current climate.

I just wanted to say thank you again. I feel so calm and relaxed. I'm going to listen to it again and go to sleep.

That was so relaxing and grounding. Thank you Sara. This is the highlight of my week.