Reiki Training

Jikiden Reiki Training

Authentic Japanese Jikiden Reiki Courses, the way it was originally taught in Japan.

Can anyone learn Reiki?

Yes! Reiki is a natural part of life, and is accessible to us all.

Usui Sensei said “Every Being that has had life breathed into (that God has bestowed a soul upon) can perform Reiki.”

If it is natural, why do I need to attend training?

Reiki is a natural, healing, life giving energy that is present in all living things. However, over the passage of time and generational experience, we all build up ‘baggage’ though the general experience of life. The stress and worries of day to day life mean that our energy can become blocked or restricted. During the Jikiden Reiki Training you will receive a number of ‘Reiju’ to help clear and cleanse the flow of your energy. Imagine it to be like clearing a pipe, that gets clogged over time. Reiju is the process of ‘Reiki activation’ that Usui Sensei discovered that helps you return to your natural state of being. In the Jikiden Reiki training you will learn the authentic, original system of Reiki, free from Western influence. It includes fundamental theory and practices as it was originally taught by Usui Sensei. The course teaches you how to understand the feeling (byosen) in your hands and contains useful practical examples of how and where to place your hands for an effective treatment.

What does the training involve?

There are two practitioner levels in Jikiden Reiki.

Shoden - is the first level. You learn how to treat yourself and others physically. You also learn techniques to use for First Aid, a Japanese meditation technique to help the Reiki flow and a massage technique.

Okuden - is the second level. A deeper understanding of Jikiden Reiki. You learn how to do distance Reiki to help people who are not physically present and a powerful and incredibly effective methods for treating psychological issues, addictions and unnerving habits you would like to move through.

Why learn Jikiden Reiki?

- To keep yourself and others healthy and well - To help yourself and others cope with stress and worry - To help friends and family who are ill - To treat an ongoing illness or injury - To help your children with first aid and childhood ailments. - To deepen your spiritual experience - To support yourself and others emotionally, physically and mentally - To reconnect with/ find yourself

Living with Reiki

Jikiden Reiki has a profound focus on how to live with Reiki at your heart. There is a great emphasis placed on the Gokai (Reiki Principles) and how to live your life with these at the centre. Learning to live with the Gokai at the centre of all you do helps to align you with your natural state of being.

Learn Jikiden Reiki with Sara

Sara offers Shoden Jikiden Reiki training in Lutterworth, Leicestershire several times a year.

The next training course is:

Shoden (2 day course)

Saturday 5th February and Sunday 6th February 2022. - FULLY BOOKED Investment - £220

Saturday 2nd April and Sunday 3rd April 2022 - FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 11th June and Sunday 12th June 2022

Please contact Sara for further details.

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