Relaxation for Children

Relaxation for Children

Life skills to help children self regulate

It’s no secret that children today are under ever increasing pressure; school tests start at age six, social media is now a way of life and the world is 24/7, maybe it is no surprise then that it is estimated that 15% of school pupils aged 5 to 16 have a mental health problem.

The benefits of relaxation, mindfulness and meditation in improving mental health are well documented and Relax Kids has been at the forefront of introducing children to relaxation for over 10 years.

I am a Relax Kids Coach and share relaxation and mindfulness techniques with children and young people. Each class includes a variety of fun activities including movement, games, breathing and stretching, massage, affirmation and visualisations to help children relax and learn skills which they can use in everyday life, helping them to regulate their emotions, to be more resilient, calm and confident.

I currently offer Yoga Nidra's for Children. You can purchase these from my online shop

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