In January 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer & had a mastectomy in February. I have recovered very well, but needless to say it was a time of great stress and worry which lives with me to a degree now. This year I decided to take up various self help options to get to grips with my head as well as my body! I discovered Yoga Nidra, recommended to me by a friend. I have now had 2 terms with the lovely Sara and I really don't know what I would do with out it. Mindfulness, de-stressing, calming, help with sleeping - it is all of this. Undemanding and the gift of your own time and space really does help change your mind set.

Last night was incredible! I went into such a lovely trance like state particularly the first nidra! I went to last nights sessions totally wired after a very stressful, intense day - my mind was racing! However I left feeling the calmest I've felt in a long time and seeing that watercolour like perfect moon was just the icing on the cake as we left last night! I went straight to bed despite it still being light and I had a wonderful night sleep and today I wake feeling super energised and ready for whatever today brings! Thank you Sara for bringing this wonderful thing into so many people's lives!

Natalie - June 2017

Last week I was readying myself for my first annual check up. The fear returned big time. I felt so bad I nearly didn't go to my weekly Yoga Nidra class, but I made myself go. Just 75 minutes later and 2 practices of Yoga Nidra and I can say I honestly felt like a different woman. My head and body had returned to balance and calm. The benefits of Sara's classes are real. Whatever your stress triggers and situation - I cannot recommend it enough. My surgeons fixed my body. I continue to fix my body and head - with the help of Sara of course.

Anita - March 2017

I've been to Sara’s Yoga Nidra classes since they first began last year, and as a mothers day treat, last night I had Reiki treatment with Sara and I'm amazed at how powerful this session was. I feel lighter for it and today I'm still feeling the benefits. I'm much calmer and feel very relaxed. Sara even picked up on a few things that have blown my mind, and i can't wait to experience another session. If you've never tried Reiki, I urge you to try it for yourself. Open minds xxx

Stacey - April 2017

So today I have had my first Reiki treatment and I had no idea what to expect but I feel amazing. It feels like pressure has been released from my head and I hadn't realised how much tension I keep in my jaw but it feels so relaxed. I was super lucky to win this treatment as part of a Mothers Day giveaway but I would definitely pay for this again! Thank you Sara for making me feel so good. I loved every minute of it. Everyone should have a me Monday once in a while.

Rachel - April 2017

Thank you for introducing yoga Nidra to my life. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and since starting your courses the episodes have significantly reduced. The courses have taught me to slow down and look after myself. I look forward to Thursday night each week knowing I'm clearly doing something right for me. Thank you.

Frances - June 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed my yoga nidra session last night Sara, thank you! After an exhausting day with the children I felt so tired, but after your calming guidance during the Yoga Nidra I came away rested and so energised - I then went on to have a great night sleep too, amazing!

Amanda - August 2016

I had a business meeting with a new client straight after a Wednesday morning Yoga Nidra class - she commented that she had never met anyone so calm and relaxed before!!! - Thanks Sara - definitely working :)

Michelle - June 2017

Amazing Nidras session tonight! Thank you so much I highly recommended Sara's classes to anyone.

James - June 2017