Workplace/One to ones

Workplace & One to Ones

Bring relaxation and meditation into your life the easiest way possible through Yoga Nidra, Breath Awareness & Sound - all whilst lying down, under the comfort of blankets and eye pillows! Amazing!


Practising Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation techniques at work protects employees from the effects of stress, helps build resilience and employee engagement. It offers a host of benefits for employees and employers alike.

Individuals who practice these techniques not only experience the associated health benefits but also become more efficient.

Bring Yoga Nidra & Breath Awareness to your workplace!

Everyone can enjoy the many benefits to these practices during your lunch hour or another convenient time.

Benefits include:

Less stress
Better concentration
More focus
Improves mental and physical health
Feel more rested and improve your quality of sleep
Better immunity
Increases positive emotions
Boosts self control
Improved memory and creativity
Decrease pain

Please contact Sara for further details

One to ones

Sometimes, we need more one on one support and individual attention to help us through certain situations/ challenges, whether it be for sleep, pain relief, recovery from an illness for example. I am able to offer an individual Yoga Nidra service to those that feel they would benefit.

Either in person, or via Skype or telephone I can offer sessions to work with you to create your own bespoke practice of Yoga Nidra that is right for what you need at that time.

If you feel this would be of interest to you, please contact me for further details.