Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

'Yoga Nidra’ or the ‘sleep of the Yogi’ or ‘Yogic Sleep’ as it is known is an incredibly powerful and one of, if not the easiest forms of meditation and relaxation. It is a meditation, relaxation & healing practice all rolled into one! It is an incredibly relaxing, replenishing and restorative practice which will leave you feeling completely rested and recharged.

How does it work?

Yoga Nidra calms the nervous system enabling us to flip the switch from being stuck in the sympathetic nervous system responses of ‘flight or fight’ and shift into a more restful peaceful place of awareness where deep healing can occur (the parasympathetic nervous system).

This is a place of deep self acceptance where we can slow our brain waves down as we journey through the practice, moving from beta (where we spend most of our time doing, planning, analysing, organising etc) to alpha (where we are calm, peaceful, anchored, reflective and kind of spacey!), to theta (where vivid dreams are experienced) and eventually reaching delta (the slowest brainwaves normally generated in dreamless sleep - healing and regeneration occur in this state).

Through the practice of Yoga Nidra, practitioners are guided mindfully and systematically into the delta wave state and then, it is here, in this sweet spot of a brain state, true transformation and fundamental change can occur. The practitioner is then guided safely back to everyday awareness (beta).

  • In January 2016 I was diagnosed with Breast cancer & had a mastectomy in February. I have recovered very well, but needless to say it was a time of great stress and worry which lives with me to a degree now. This year I decided to take up various self help options to get to grips with my head as well as my body! I discovered Yoga Nidra, recommended to me by a friend. I have now had 2 terms with the lovely Sara and I really don't know what I would do with out it. Mindfulness, de-stressing, calming, help with sleeping - it is all of this. Undemanding and the gift of your own time and space really does help change your mind set.
  • Natalie - June 2017
    Last night was incredible! I went into such a lovely trance like state particularly the first nidra! I went to last nights sessions totally wired after a very stressful, intense day - my mind was racing! However I left feeling the calmest I've felt in a long time and seeing that watercolour like perfect moon was just the icing on the cake as we left last night! I went straight to bed despite it still being light and I had a wonderful night sleep and today I wake feeling super energised and ready for whatever today brings! Thank you Sara for bringing this wonderful thing into so many people's lives!
    Natalie - June 2017
  • Anita - March 2017
    Last week I was readying myself for my first annual check up. The fear returned big time. I felt so bad I nearly didn't go to my weekly Yoga Nidra class, but I made myself go. Just 75 minutes later and 2 practices of Yoga Nidra and I can say I honestly felt like a different woman. My head and body had returned to balance and calm. The benefits of Sara's classes are real. Whatever your stress triggers and situation - I cannot recommend it enough. My surgeons fixed my body. I continue to fix my body and head - with the help of Sara of course.
    Anita - March 2017
  • Stacey - April 2017
    I've been to Sara’s Yoga Nidra classes since they first began last year, and as a mothers day treat, last night I had Reiki treatment with Sara and I'm amazed at how powerful this session was. I feel lighter for it and today I'm still feeling the benefits. I'm much calmer and feel very relaxed. Sara even picked up on a few things that have blown my mind, and i can't wait to experience another session. If you've never tried Reiki, I urge you to try it for yourself. Open minds xxx
    Stacey - April 2017
  • Frances - June 2017
    Thank you for introducing yoga Nidra to my life. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and since starting your courses the episodes have significantly reduced. The courses have taught me to slow down and look after myself. I look forward to Thursday night each week knowing I'm clearly doing something right for me. Thank you.
    Frances - June 2017
  • Amanda - August 2016
    Thoroughly enjoyed my yoga nidra session last night Sara, thank you! After an exhausting day with the children I felt so tired, but after your calming guidance during the Yoga Nidra I came away rested and so energised - I then went on to have a great night sleep too, amazing!
    Amanda - August 2016
  • Michelle - June 2017
    I had a business meeting with a new client straight after a Wednesday morning Yoga Nidra class - she commented that she had never met anyone so calm and relaxed before!!! - Thanks Sara - definitely working :)
    Michelle - June 2017
  • James - June 2017
    Amazing Nidras session tonight! Thank you so much I highly recommended Sara's classes to anyone.
    James - June 2017

What do you need to do?

Nowhere to go, no one to see, nothing to do, all that Yoga Nidra asks of you is to lie down comfortably and listen to the sound of my voice. No yoga poses required. Just simply lying down and profoundly resting. Sounds good right?!

As you rest in the physical body the mind remains alive as it is given little activities to do. It is all about listening and hearing. Listening to me and maybe hearing your inner voice too. Yoga nidra progressively releases mental and emotional tensions from the mind, allowing us to let go of beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you.

Benefits of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a powerful, safe and highly effective practice that is medically proven to offer evidence based benefits for alleviating stress related issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain. It is therapeutic on every level!

Insomnia: Sends people to sleep - the more regularly you practice Yoga Nidra, the more consistent your sleeping patterns become and the more refreshed you feel when you wake up.
Tension relief: Great stress reliever -While other forms of relaxation are amazing, in Yoga Nidra you’re not only releasing tension in the body, you’re also releasing accumulated tensions in the mind, which is really where stress begins.
Exhaustion: you experience deep profound rest.
Premenstrual: tones things down.
Studying: helps keep the mind clear.
Supports immune system: helps balance the system.
Helps you: be more authentically present.
Helps you: regulate your rhythms.

It's time to rest... and experience the magic of Yoga Nidra.

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