About Sara

About Sara

I am passionate about sharing practices and therapies I believe make a difference, that create that a catalyst for change and transformation to enable you to connect with your inner calm and achieve overall wellness.

Through my own personal health journey I have learnt that the power of rest and relaxation are paramount to achieve good health. I began practicing Reiki and Yoga Nidra in my early 30s as I started my journey into motherhood and following diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis. It became a form of escapism from the daily pain, swelling, inflammation and exhausting fatigue and has since become a regular feature in my daily practice.

I have experienced first hand how the body and mind react to these incredibly nurturing practices. To be able to offer practices that allow people to disconnect from the chaos of life for just a little while is so important to me. We live on a hamster wheel, with little chance to escape. Stress takes a heavy toll in our lives. It creates illness & exacerbates many conditions, it affects our relationships and can also age us. It is so important that we learn how to let go of our stresses and stressors.

I have had the honour of witnessing incredible life changes of many people from many walks of life, in many different environments and have used Yoga Nidra and Reiki to support a range of issues including recovery from cancer, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, lowering blood pressure, supporting women on their fertility journey, during pregnancy and postnatally as well with children. The power of this practice never fails to amaze me.

I aim to bring you a form of escapism that will enable you to reconnect to yourself, allow yourself some space, whether that is to allow a space for stillness or for self healing purposes so that you can live a life of wellness and good health.